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Saturday, December 07, 2013

2nd Annual New Year's Eve Streamathon

Hey there everyone.  I am so excited that our 2nd Annual New Year's Eve Streamathon is approaching.  Where has the time gone?  Once again we will be celebrating 2014 in most of the time zones beginning in the land down under...  

Jen (Ozegran) has set up a Facebook page and if you have not done so yet go over and sign up.  We will be posting updates and links to streamers blogs so you can get supply lists for all the projects.  We hope you play along or at least join us to chat.  

Did someone say prizes?  Many of the streamers will be drawing for prizes during their stream.  But we also have a number of very generous major prizes donated by craft retailers and individuals.  This year, in order to qualify for the major prizes, you must register here.  Please read the guidelines carefully before registering.  

And who, besides me, is streaming you ask?  Well we have a lineup of amazing artists and crafters presenting a variety of projects from fibre arts to paper arts and who knows what else!  Keep your eye out on the Facebook page as there will be links posted between now and New Year's eve so you can get a glimpse at the projects ahead of time.  Jen has created a PDF showing the time blocks with conversion tables to show who is streaming and when.  

Next I am going to share with you my project.  I will be welcoming 2014 as it arrives here in Riverview, New Brunswick, Canada.  My stream will be from 11:30pm -12:30am Atlantic time zone (10:30 - 11:30 EST or GMT - 4 hours).  I know, I know, many people don't even realize that Canada has 2 extra time zones than the US, mine and Newfoundland, which is actually a half hour ahead of me! So as my stream begins, it will just be turning New Years in St. John's and the rest of "The Rock", as NFLD is lovingly called. 

This year I am doing a variation on my project from last year.  I have designed a Desk Calendar/Organizer.  Fancy name huh?  I am going to post links below to the pattern which includes a supply list and a PDF for the 2014 calendar we will be adding to the organizer.  

Here is a photo of my completed sample....  This is just the prototype....  

If you wish to play along, download the pattern and have your chipboard and card stock pieces cut and labeled and the calendar printed on cover stock or card stock and trimmed.  Or you can just chat and watch and create it later - or not!  It is totally up to you!

Hope to see you all as we ring in 2014!


Friday, November 01, 2013

Gelli Prints

It has been awhile since I posted so I thought I would share some of the fun I have been having with my gelli plate recently.

These first 2 samples were done using the transfer technique. (I saw this on the Gelli Arts YT channel here)  However, I changed the medium to which I transferred the print.  I also did not use the first step and did not mask off areas on the first layer.

  • I layered the paint on the gelli plate being sure to let each layer dry COMPLETELY before adding another layer.
  • Once all layers are on and last one dried. I put an 8 1/2 x 11 self-laminating sheet on the plate sticky side down to the paint.  
  • Then I used my bone folder to make sure the laminating sheet was securely adhered to the paint below.
  • I slowly pulled up the sheet and voila my completed print.

With this next example I followed the steps above but I was not patient enough for the last layer to dry so some of the paint stayed on the gelli plate and I was left with some "blank" or clear spots on the transfer.  These were still sticky however so I added some copper Perfect Pearls powder as shown in the original Gelli Arts video. Problem solved.

These samples above will either be used as backgrounds or cut as layers for cards or atc's or scrapbook pages or Project life layouts.  There are as many uses as your imagination can conjure.

The next 2 photos are of the front and back cover of a journal I made.  they were printed on simple cotton muslin then adhered to chipboard.

The next 2 photos are the front and back of a journal I have made for NanoJourmo As I am going to try some art journaling.  I have done a few pages in my mixed media journal but not with great success - in my eyes anyway.  And that was before my discovery of the gelli plate.  What I have found the greatest thing about the gelli plate is that it has taken away my fear of making layers.  I am not sure why I just couldn't do it straight to the page but once I saw the gelli plate being used I was drawn to it - and to layers.

For this final example I was inspired but this Andy Skinner YT video and I created this art for a family friend who was brutally attacked thanksgiving weekend in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

Scott Jones is 27.  He is a pianist, organist and choir director, and a wonderful person who was out celebrating with friends the opening of a friend's art gallery.  The friend he was with was distracted and he was stabbed twice in the back and the attacker attempted to slit his throat.  On a positive note Scott survived this vicious attack.  On a more difficult note he is paralyzed from the waist down as his spinal cord was severed.  Sadly since there was no attempt to rob Scott of anything except his life, it is believed he was attacked because he is openly gay.

This art will be framed and sent to Scott.

This print is done on Polaroid canvas paper.  I thought the quote from Zadie Smith appropriate.  Scott is recovering in hospital still and in a couple weeks hopes to be transferred to a rehab facility where he will learn to use a wheelchair and build his upper body strength.

Scott has the use of his arms and his voice so we are lucky he will still be able to share his music and love of life with everyone he meets.

If you wish to hear Scott Jones play here is a recording from a number of years ago when he was just finished high school.

Thanks for coming.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

School Bus And Mini Part 1

Part 1 will give you the PDF file with the pattern to create a 3D School Bus that will house a mini.  The Mini album will be made once the School Bus is completed.  

Here is a link to the PDF file  School Bus Pattern Pieces print this out and cut out the pieces as stated in the pattern.  On Monday's stream, Sept. 16, I will begin the process of building the bus.  I do not have one pre-made so this will be a see it once it is made.  Here is a clipart that inspired me in the design.

You are more then welcome to download this PDF and create this bus.  The only thing i ask is that you not claim as your design.  I created the pattern file using Inkscape and saved it as a PDF for your use and crafting enjoyment.
Please respect this request.


Thursday, August 08, 2013

Boxed Note Card Set

Happy almost Friday everyone!  I know I know, as usual it has been a long time since my last post.  However, since my last post I have packed up my apartment, moved, finished the teaching year and unpacked.  Although I have boxes yet to unpack.

This past Monday on my ustream show I created a BOXED NOTE CARD SET.  Here are the links to the Ustream there are 2 parts.  Part 1 and  Part 2 .  It took about 3 1/2 hours to complete 10 Note cards and a box.  This will make a great gift or just something special for yourself to have cards ready when you need to send a quick note, hello or greeting. 

Here are the instructions on the box that is made from 12x12 pattern paper and will hold up to 12 A2 (3 1/4"  x 5 1/2") cards and envelopes. (Number of cards is based on cards with a couple paper layers and not with thick embellishments.)


  1. Use 12 x 12 pattern paper - double sided.  If the pattern paper is not double sided first adhere 2 sheets together - back to back.
  2. Paper design should be non-directional unless you don't mind text or designs being upside down.
  3. Score paper as shown in above photo first the scores across the top (2"  3"  9"  10")  then turn clockwise 90ยบ (1/4 turn to right) and score as shown on left edge of photo.  (3"  4"  8 3/4" 9 7/8")
  4. Trim as shown in photo trimming out the gray sections. IMPORTANT : be sure to leave L and R tabs as shown in photo and mitre these
  5. OPTIONAL - using a circle punch make a notch in front flap as shown in diagram
  6. Burnish all the score lines and lay paper flat again as shown in diagram.
  7. Put double sided tape along left and right edges of front flap - leaving backing in place (you can use wet glue here but add later - step 11)
  8. fold both tabs in and add wet glue to tabs in the folded position.
  9. fold up front flap up and the 2 side flaps up securing the tabs to  the inside of the 1" section
  10. Now the side flaps should be laying on top
  11. remove backing from double sided tape (or add wet glue to left and right side flaps & be sure glue is only where the front flap will cover the side flaps) and adhere front flap on top of the side flaps
  12. So the box stays closed you can use velcro or magnets on the box flap.  Or you can create a closure using buttons and twine....  or ribbon - however you wish to close it.  
My Ustream recordings also show how I created a set of note cards to match the box.  

I hope you enjoy making this project as much as I enjoyed creating mine.  

Until next time


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

To Do List Folder a la Faux Metal cover

Last night on my Ustream show I created a To Do list folder on chipboard using a Faux Textured Metal technique on the front cover.  The stream is in 2 parts you can view by clicking here.  

Faux Metal To Do Folder   Part 1

This is the first time I tried this technique and I am fairly happy with how it turned out.  Here are the photos of the finished project.

Thanks for visiting.

New Apartment Photos

Those of you who follow me on other media sites such as Twitter and Ustream are aware that I have had many issues the past year dealing with unfriendly (being nice with this adjective) neighbours in my current apartment building.  For this reason I have found a new place to live so I can enjoy my space.  I have found a condo style main floor unit in the same town which has it's own entrance.  My mailbox will also be right outside my front door so I will no longer have to go through to the lobby to check my box.  

In my current apartment, it is quite a walk down a long hallway from the elevator and on good leg days this is OK but on bad days - which I seem to be having more of these days, it is a very difficult walk.  At the new place my parking spots are directly in front of my front door so when I am dropped off or picked up the walk will be much easier.  

I have shared on twitter 2 photos of the outside of the Apt...  here are those photoes.... 

Lucky #3.  The window to the right of the door is the kitchen window and to the left is one of the bedrooms.  I have a patio on either end of the Apartment, the one you can see as well as one off the patio doors in the living room.  I can have a BBQ again YEAH.

Here are some more photos I found online that is exactly what it looked like when I went to see it.  They are replacing all flooring, counter tops and painting. 

This is the view from the sliding doors in living room.  First doorway to the right leads to 1 bedroom, bathroom and storage area/laundry. The next doorway on right is the second Bedroom.   When they change the flooring, the wood will go all the way to the kitchen doorway and down the hallway to the entrance instead of stopping at the dining area.  The kitchen will get new linoleum. 

Flooring in the bathroom is being changed as well as the counter top. 

 Smaller bedroom will get new wood flooring.

Larger bedroom will also get new wood flooring.

View of full length of kitchen. dining/ living area from the kitchen nook. 

I am so looking forward to this move the end of May.  But the packing...  Oh how I dread it.  But it will get done - it always does.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

File Folder Pocket Mini Album

It has been almost 4 months since my last post.  Wow that sounds like a confession.....  Since I am not Catholic, I guess I a talking about my BLOG.  Poor neglected Blogger.

Much has happened in the 4 months of this new year, but I will not start to explain on this post as I want to get right to the GOOD STUFF.  Today I am posting photos and instructions for a Pocket mini album constructed from a simple letter-sized file folder. This design has been inspired by the MANY mini album designs I have seen on YT and Ustream.  It is a mix and match of many designs and I adapted it to be created from a single file folder.  The instructions and sample diagrams are jpeg files so feel free to download and/or print them for your library.   

Here are photos of my sample completed on my USTREAM  recording.  It has no embellishments as yet and will be the home to photos of my great nephew Tillman. 




1 Letter-sized office file folder 

score board

paper trimmer or scissors

circle, oval, square or tab punch (to make finger pull)

adhesive (double sided tape or liquid glue)

3-4 sheets 12x12 pattern paper OR

7-10 sheets 6x6 pattern paper

Velcro dot or button and twine - optional - for closure


I Hope you enjoy making the quick little album that can store up to 16-18 small photos.  Great to use as a brag book to throw in your purse or keep in your desk at work....  

Friday, January 04, 2013

Streamathon Grand Prize Winners Announced

Hey there everyone.  The winners of the grand prize from our 1st Annual Streamathon Around the World on New Year's Eve have been drawn.

There are 2 prizes each is the same.  Each winner will receive Round Trip airfare to Austin Texas & Hotel Accommodations to the art retreat in April being hosted by Bren47 AKA ElegantTangle on Twitter and Timewarp Art on Ustream..

And the Winners are . . . .  (insert drum roll here)

SHERI1975  Congrats Sheri


MUSICSCRP   I am so excited to get to meet so many of my friends now.....


Once Again thanks so much to all of you who came and helped make the day/evening so special.


Thursday, January 03, 2013

New Year's Streamathon Project

I have completed my Desk Calendar which was my Project during my time slot on New Year's Eve.  I did not have a pattern for this project it was created in my head and I didn't even make one before the stream to figure out any kinks.  Therefore,  In this post I will post an updated supply list with a couple additions and more measurements for you.  I am posting my photos of my completed project as well as a link to my 2 Ustream videos. 


PDF of calendar Months    Jan - June
                                           July - Dec
                         2 pieces @  4.5" x 8.5" (each scored lightly 1 1/4 inch from ONE  
                         1 piece @ 4" x 3.25"     (this piece makes a frame by trimming

                                                                out the center 1/2" in from each edge)

Patterned paper trimmed as follows:
              2 @ 4 3/8" x 8 3/8"   for outside (on mine I pieced together 4 3/8 x 6
                                                music sheets by 7 Gypsies)
              2 @ 4 3/8" x 8 3/8"   for inside ( on Mine I used black from a DCWV 
                                                cream and black paper pack)
              2 @ 4" x 1/2"            mitered to cover frame
              2 @ 3 1/2" x 1/2"      mitered to cover frame
              1 @  2 3/8" x 4 3/8"  for inside bottom

Fun Foam     1 @  2 3/8" x 4 3/8"  for bottom 

Photo(s) @ 3 1/2 in x 3 in (to be placed in frame whenever you want to switch 

                                             them out.  You can also use some of your own art on 
                                             cardstock or watercolour paper. 

glue of choice (you need a liquid glue to create the calendar page tear-aways)

dimensional adhesive

 Here is the link to the videos where I created mine.

          Desk Calendar Video 1  
          Desk Calendar Video 2

Thanks you so much.  Hope some of you make this project!  Let me know if you do.

Jean (MusicScrp)


Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year


Here we are 2 days into the new year and I still haven't quite recovered from the FABULOUS Streamathon on New Year's Eve.  Thanks to all of you that participated whether it was as a streamer or as a viewer.  The idea came out of conversation between myself and Jen (Ozegran) and Lily (Art Journey) joined in as well.  Jen and Lily both have YT channels and did an amazing job advertizing the event.  

The names of each participant and viewer at each stream have been collated and the wonderful anonymous donor and Jen (Ozegran) will draw for the winner and it will be announced on Jen and Lily's blog,  and YT as well as here on my blog as soon as the 2 names are drawn.  Here are the links . . .

Jen's YouTube           Jen's Blog        Jen's link to Streamathon recordings

Lily's Youtube            Lily's Blog

For those of you who attended any of the streams and are new to Ustream there is a group of us who have become an "internet family" thanks to Ustream and sharing of talents and laughter and at times some silliness.  The group is wonderful and we represent Australia, UK, Czech Republic, US and Canada.  Anyone is welcome to join us. Within this particular group we do not have anyone who does their "art" as their sole financial income, although several within the group are on design teams and have Etsy shops.  

Any of you who are interested in seeing more of the streamers and sharing with us your love of "art" you are more than welcome to join us any time.  Many of those who streamed on NYE have a regularly scheduled stream time each week.  For example I stream on Monday at 4 p.m. est.

Lily created a great video wall of streamers for the NYE streamathon and if you click on the word ustream it will take you to the channel.  Then if you click follow they will come up on your Ustream dashboard when they are live.  Click here for the video wall link   Most streamers will also have in their channel info the time of their regular stream.   Remember though at times life gets in the way and streamers sometime have to cancel their "show"  

Also there are times when streamers will do an impromptu stream to share something they are working on and no one else is streaming.  This often happens when someone "BEGS" (aka "trickerheading") for someone to stream.  Many of us are on twitter and we always tweet when someone is coming online.  

So if you had fun New Years Eve come join us every week!!!!