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Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Hey everyone!  Today's post is a special request to help out one of our youngest fans and cutie pie daughter of our own Packer Di.  Gracie is about to go through some substantial dental surgery Dec 3 so I would like to put together a card / craft package campaign to help her through December.  Anyone who would like to assist in Project GRACIE HUGS is asked to simply send some mail to Gracie.  It can be a card.... a small art package... anything a young 8 year old girl would love to pass the time. 

Gracie has been doing art beside her mom since she could stand and I have seen her work she has always been ahead of the so - called art standards of development; which essentially means she has inherited her Mom and big Sister's artistic abilities.  Many of you have seen her come in to say hi in chat and she loves how we all talk to her so I think we can show her some love through the mail. 

If you would like to help and do not have Packer Di's mailing address she has given me permission to share her address with our online group who wish to help in this effort.  

Please contact me through DM on twitter if you follow me there or you can send an email to

Thanks so much