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Saturday, February 04, 2012

WEEK 5 - Vive la france

Marcello has made a quick trip to France to get assistance on his concerto.  His letter to Nataliya indicates he may be starting to suspect her reason for her hesitation in accepting his offer to perform in the premiere of his concerto.  Classical musicians during this time would be aware that the Romani musicians are not usually trained to read music,  Why has he not seen this before? 

On my Postcard front I finally got brave and drew my own picture (using a reference photo of course) and coloured using my Derwent watercolor pencils.  I added a layer of gray Prisma pencil on top of the background to make the antique fence look a "little" better.  

I am pretty happy with my first attempt ever at watercolor work.  Well haven't even drawn anything in 35 years since I had 1 year of art lessons where we drew with charcoal and chalk pastel.  So I have made a huge leap and am happy with the result.  I will continue to practice!

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