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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2013 Streamathon Project update

Well our 2nd annual New Years Eve Streamathon was a huge success.  Even Ustream played nice and considering the traffic on this busy streaming night, it gave us only a few problems.

When I printed off my project pattern, I noticed a couple of errors so I fixed them and updated my blog post (Dec 7) with the edited pattern.

I am also about to re-record a video of the project because in the confusion of trying to find something on my desk, I did not click record until well into the stream.  I would not have finished the project in the hour so would have had to do a finish up video anyway.  I will do a quick post when it is available.

Thanks to Ozegran - Jen for being head coordinator extraordinaire for this fabulous evening.  A huge thanks also goes out to all the other people who had a hand in planning and organizing this event.  It took many many hands to make this a success.

Most of alI, I would like to thank all those who attended streams whether it was just one, or all of them.  Without an audience this evening would have been rather pointless.  And we met so many new and "old" friends throughout the evening.  I hope that you all come back and visit the streamers at our regular streams and maybe even become a streamer yourself!  This is a wonderful community if crafters who share their wealth of knowledge and have become great friends.  Friends I would never have met without this thing called the internet that too often gets a bad reputation!

Happy 2014 to each and everyone of you!