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Sunday, April 28, 2013

File Folder Pocket Mini Album

It has been almost 4 months since my last post.  Wow that sounds like a confession.....  Since I am not Catholic, I guess I a talking about my BLOG.  Poor neglected Blogger.

Much has happened in the 4 months of this new year, but I will not start to explain on this post as I want to get right to the GOOD STUFF.  Today I am posting photos and instructions for a Pocket mini album constructed from a simple letter-sized file folder. This design has been inspired by the MANY mini album designs I have seen on YT and Ustream.  It is a mix and match of many designs and I adapted it to be created from a single file folder.  The instructions and sample diagrams are jpeg files so feel free to download and/or print them for your library.   

Here are photos of my sample completed on my USTREAM  recording.  It has no embellishments as yet and will be the home to photos of my great nephew Tillman. 




1 Letter-sized office file folder 

score board

paper trimmer or scissors

circle, oval, square or tab punch (to make finger pull)

adhesive (double sided tape or liquid glue)

3-4 sheets 12x12 pattern paper OR

7-10 sheets 6x6 pattern paper

Velcro dot or button and twine - optional - for closure


I Hope you enjoy making the quick little album that can store up to 16-18 small photos.  Great to use as a brag book to throw in your purse or keep in your desk at work....  


  1. Looks great Jean!! I downloaded everything and it looks easy enough that maybe even I can do it!! xx

  2. Yay Dana can't wait to see the photos LOL

  3. WOW, looks extremely complicated Jean. Think I'll stick to getting paint on my hands - lol

    Sam xxx

  4. looks wonderful Jean - everything you need to make it!

  5. Jean thank you for sharing this project

  6. Jean it looks great! Definitely will have to make myself one.

  7. THanks Jean I have one just about done!

  8. Thank you Jean for taking the time to create this template!


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