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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Boxed Note Card Set

Happy almost Friday everyone!  I know I know, as usual it has been a long time since my last post.  However, since my last post I have packed up my apartment, moved, finished the teaching year and unpacked.  Although I have boxes yet to unpack.

This past Monday on my ustream show I created a BOXED NOTE CARD SET.  Here are the links to the Ustream there are 2 parts.  Part 1 and  Part 2 .  It took about 3 1/2 hours to complete 10 Note cards and a box.  This will make a great gift or just something special for yourself to have cards ready when you need to send a quick note, hello or greeting. 

Here are the instructions on the box that is made from 12x12 pattern paper and will hold up to 12 A2 (3 1/4"  x 5 1/2") cards and envelopes. (Number of cards is based on cards with a couple paper layers and not with thick embellishments.)


  1. Use 12 x 12 pattern paper - double sided.  If the pattern paper is not double sided first adhere 2 sheets together - back to back.
  2. Paper design should be non-directional unless you don't mind text or designs being upside down.
  3. Score paper as shown in above photo first the scores across the top (2"  3"  9"  10")  then turn clockwise 90º (1/4 turn to right) and score as shown on left edge of photo.  (3"  4"  8 3/4" 9 7/8")
  4. Trim as shown in photo trimming out the gray sections. IMPORTANT : be sure to leave L and R tabs as shown in photo and mitre these
  5. OPTIONAL - using a circle punch make a notch in front flap as shown in diagram
  6. Burnish all the score lines and lay paper flat again as shown in diagram.
  7. Put double sided tape along left and right edges of front flap - leaving backing in place (you can use wet glue here but add later - step 11)
  8. fold both tabs in and add wet glue to tabs in the folded position.
  9. fold up front flap up and the 2 side flaps up securing the tabs to  the inside of the 1" section
  10. Now the side flaps should be laying on top
  11. remove backing from double sided tape (or add wet glue to left and right side flaps & be sure glue is only where the front flap will cover the side flaps) and adhere front flap on top of the side flaps
  12. So the box stays closed you can use velcro or magnets on the box flap.  Or you can create a closure using buttons and twine....  or ribbon - however you wish to close it.  
My Ustream recordings also show how I created a set of note cards to match the box.  

I hope you enjoy making this project as much as I enjoyed creating mine.  

Until next time



  1. this might just pull you into the running for my favorite ;) thx EJ =D

  2. This is always a fun & useful type of project for self or as a gift! Thanks for the info. I love this type of holder. You mentioned in your last vid that you had been toAustin for a craft get together? What state do you live on? I am in North TX. THNX 4 sharing and good luck in your new nest! ~ Terry Y. :)