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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

NoJoPro (Novemebr Journal Prompts)

I was so excited waiting for Dawn DeVries Sokol to post the NaNoJouMo prompts for 2017.  I even have my journal made and ready to go with a daily watercolour page.  I had decided to use the prompts to inspire a watercolour painting so I could practice using my new M. Graham watercolours (graciously given to me by Melody G) and I have some Daniel Smith, Sennelier and Schminke watercolours graciously shared with me by Carol TMT (The Magickal Touch on UStream and YouTube).  

I was so disappointed not to see any prompts today for NaNoJouMo and not even a word about whether there will be any forthcoming.  So I decided to do my own prompts.  I like to journal using either lyrics of a song or a quote to inspire me.  However i don't want to limit others to that so I am simply going to use one word as a prompt and then you all can take it and let it inspire you however you work best.  

Do you like watercolour, oils, acrylic, mixed media, sketching, tangling scrapbooking or other medium?  Then this set of prompts is for you.  Do whatever you like.  The goal is to just do some art everyday no matter what form it takes for you.  Please enjoy.  

If you Share your art on social media please tag it #NoJoPro2017.  Thanks and Enjoy.  

Feel free to print this jpeg and include it in your journal.  if you don't finish in November then finish when you can.  

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