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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Stencil FILES Release 2

Hello everyone.  I have finally finished designing enough files for another release.  I am not selling the cut stencils but the DIGITAL FILES so you must have a digital cutter or access to one in order to cut the files  (svg, jpeg, png, dfx, studio3) to make your stencils.  The advantage to this of course is you can cut several different sizes. 

As last time there is a Word document order form linked HERE If you can not open a word documents here is a PDF   Please email a copy of the form to the email on the form.  If you use the PDF version you will have to print the form then attach a scan or photo of the form.  Of course you may still order from the original set of stencils as well (link to release 1 post is HERE )   but must use the original form. If you are ordering from the two releases in the same order you can combine the total to take advantage of the free files deal as explained on the form.

These files are copyrighted and your purchase of the files gives you the right to cut and use them in your art be it cards, canvases, journal pages or any format.  You may also sell art work using my stencils.  However please do not share or sell files or cut stencils for others if they have not also purchased the files. 

Here are the new stencils available in this release. 

basket weave $4.00

basket weave mask $4.00

borders 1 $3.00

bubbles masks $2.50

bubbles stencil $2.50

checkerboard mask $2.00

checkerboard Stencil $2.00

circle frenzy $3.00

circles mask $2.00

equalizer $2.50

fine and dandelion $3.50

hatches 1 $2.00

hatches shapes $2.00

mask                 linked squares $3.00               stencil

mask                              noodles $2.50                           stencil

orbits 1 $2.00

postal cancellation $2.50

shooting stars $2.00

square frenzy $3.00

mask                                 sticks                              stencil

stitched circles $3.00

triangle frenzy $3.00

warp speed $2.50

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