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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

R.C.M.P Tribute

The R.C.M.P is our national (federal) police force.  Usually they police the Rural areas of our country and work in tandem with local forces on federal crimes.The city Council in Moncton decided 10 years ago, or so,  that it was more cost effective to hire the RCMP to police our city instead of having our own separate city force.  R.C.M.P stands for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police aka the Mounties. The Mountie motto is "We always get our man."

Many of you know the past week here in Moncton, NB has been a week of sorrow, fear and violence all due to a 24 year old.  I refuse to name him because i don't want him getting any more print time for his crime.  He strolled down the street of a well populated neighbourhood carrying a semi-automatic high powered rifle, a pump action shotgun, a cross-bow and a knife all in plain view.  He was also dressed in full army fatigues.  He walked right past many civilians even stopping to stare several in the eyes, but did not fire as this was not his plan.  He wanted the police to come and they did.  Within the next hour 5 officers were shot; three were killed and 2 injured.  Like the coward he is he retreated into the woods that surround this neighbourhood. 

Within a couple hours officers from the rest of the province had come to our assistance and they cordoned off  and locked down a large part of our city to keep him contained.  By morning there were more than 300 officers in our city.  There were armoured vehicles and Police dogs and heat seeking equipment in a small plane as well as a drone.  After 28+ hours, during heavy rain, this man (and I use that word loosely) was spotted in a backyard and police surrounded him and he gave up saying "I am done".  He was arrested and later that day charged with 3 counts of 1st degree murder and 2 counts of attempted murder.  He was remanded into custody.

On my Ustream show on Monday,  I created a piece of art so I could share my feelings about these events.  When will these violence seekers realize that they will never really win.  They will not!  Although there has been much fear and pain we will come through it stronger as a community and watch out for our fellow citizens friend or stranger!

My art is created on canvas paper and I used acrylic paint applied with sponge using stencils.  The border at the bottom was cut with my silhouette cameo and collaged with Golden Matte Medium.  I wanted to show respect for the dead and injured officers, all those who came to assist in the capture of the MURDERER as well as display our City's resolve to get through this and move on!

YOU can watch me create this by clicking HERE for my Ustream channel or HERE for my YouTube channel.

Today there was a regimental funeral for the three fallen officers.  It was a wonderful tribute to these 3 brave officers, husbands, fathers, brothers, who gave their lives in the line of duty protecting our wonderful city.   The most poignant photos from today were these ones below showing some of the almost 7000 RCMP officers and other law enforcement officers marching to the Coliseum where the memorial was held.

 THE CANADIAN PRESS/Marc Grandmaison

 THE CANADIAN PRESS/ Marc Grandmaison

There were just under 7000 total law enforcement officers who came from all over Canada, and some from US to attend this service.   Our city is small and there were not enough hotel rooms available for everyone who wanted to come so a call was put out to our city asking for homes to billet these visitors.  Within a few hours they had enough beds for all those attending.  Just another example of the wonderful people living here. 

So now I leave you with these photos ....  R. I. P. 

Const. Dave Ross 32

Const. Fabrice Georges Gevaudan 45

Const. Douglas James Larche 40

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