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Monday, July 02, 2012

Happy Canada Day 2012

Well another Canada Day has come and gone.  Most of the time I spend Canada Day at my Mom's in Westville, NS where the parade goes right past my Mom's house.  And she usually has potato salad and ham for lunch after.  And just so you know my Mom makes the BEST potato salad in the WORLD.  So I did miss that today.  

This year I stayed here at my "home"  because my mom and older sister, who live with my mom, are prepping the house for company from Germany for my nieces wedding, this coming Saturday.  I went to the fireworks display this evening here in Moncton, NB and watched from Riverview side of the Peticodiac River aka The Chocolate River because of the mud and sand that comes in with the tide from the Bay of Fundy.  What a great display they had here.  Here are some photos I managed to snap.  I set the camera on sport, and continuous shots and got a few great photos.

It was a great display of pyrotechnics great job by our firemen!  

In 5 days I will be catching the bus to Halifax for my niece's wedding at the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo.  It is going to be such and exciting and special day.  A wedding like no other - EVER.  

So I hope all my fellow Canadians had a great day celebrating the 145th birthday of our great nation.  The greatest nation on earth in my opinion!



  1. Wow Jean stunning photos!!

    Glad you had a fabulous day, even if you did spend it on your own.

    Sam xxx

    1. well I went to the fireworks with my cousin so not totally alone.

  2. Great photos Jean! Thanks for sharing. And I don't mom makes pretty good potato salad! HaHa! Too bad we can't all get together to compare!
    I know you'll have a grand time with family and at the wedding! Can't wait to hear all about it.

    1. Thanks Kimber I know we do have to get all together it would be so much FUN. Yup And I will be tweeting and sending pics from the weeding when I can.