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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Well I have finally done it.  Finally took the time to start a blog.  Who knows how often I will update but I will try to update weekly at least.  As I figure out this whole blog genre from this side you may find my blog layout changes on as regularly as I post.  I now officially have somewhere to share my ideas and photos.  I hope you all enjoy my Blog. 


  1. Well, HELLO, and welcome to the world of Blog! Nice to see your lovely face! You must start sharing all your crafty pictures (and anything else) immediately! Yes, you must, or your site will self destruct!

    Glad you're here!

  2. i hope you enjoy your blog i cant wait to see the stuff your post your art your day i want to hear everything.

  3. Congrats on starting a blog Jean!

  4. messed up first attempt at a comment, but here goes again, Jean. Postcards are wonderful. YOu are so full of imagination and life in everything you do!


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