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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Absent BUT Accounted For

Well I know it seems like forever since I have written a post.  I have no excuse really.  I have been around Ustream and Twitter but just have not put my mind to writing a post.  As I have said before I do not like to write.  It appears it always goes to the bottom of my "TO DO" list.  Well second to last because last place is reserved for cleaning and organizing my scrap space. 

It has been a difficult few months in a few ways but a great few months in others. 

I had a very bad several weeks with a neighbour complaining to the Landlord about me TALKING in my own place.  It got so heated that she almost got me evicted!!!  Well I seem to have solved this issue by moving my scrap and computer space into the living room.  Well lets face it my cats Pause and Presto were using this space more than me so I moved my living room into the bedroom where my scrappy space once was.  Since this has put me on the other end of the apartment, I have had no further complaints PHEW.  I love my space and really don't want to move.  

Then I tried to gradually get back to teaching full time.  But alas, my legs would not allow even half-time.  I am saddened by this because teaching is my calling not just my job,  Now I wait for the insurance company to make decisions on continuing my disability or not.  It could be a stressful summer. 

And what is the good you ask?  Well there is lots of good!!!

1.  I have been very crafty these months and would like to share my creations with you.  I always have several projects on the go at once.  The first is an Upright Grand Piano box with minis that i created for myself.  YUP you read that right, a project for ME!!!!!!  It will one day be the home for the photos from my 4 years at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia,  where I earned my degree in Music Education.  (Bachelor of Music Education)

Here are the photos.  It is not yet compete I still have to matte and add photos to the pockets and mini albums.

This is my own pattern I created as I went.  It is constructed from Graffix medium weight chipboard.  The paper line is from the PERFORMANCE STACK from DCWV.  The 'fancy' legs are handles for kitchen cabinets I picked up from the local hardware store.   The medallion was also picked up in the kitchen hardware dept. of the same store. 

 The keyboard is not to scale so no there are not 88 keys.  Just a representation created from white and black fun foam. 

The piano bench opens and inside there will eventually be miniature music books.  I plan to put photos and articles from special music awards I have won.

I put ball chain from the inside of the lid of the piano (they are between the 2 layers of doubled up chipboard so they don't show on the top.  These hold the 3 pockets made to hold the 3 mini albums.  

 Each mini album will simply be titled with the year of the photos inside.  This first one will hold year 1 & 2 photos.   Sept. 1980 - May 1982
 Each page of the mini is a tri-fold and will hold 2 4x3 photos on each section.  The binding for each book is my favourite "HIDDEN HINGE" by Kathy Orta "PAPER PHENOMENON"

 This book will hold photos for the 1982-83 school year 3.

And this album will hold my photos for my last year 1983-84.  Wow it seems so long ago and sometimes I wish I could go back to those wonderful years.  I was 150 pounds lighter and my lynphedema had not yet reared its ugly head! But we have to make the best with what God has handed us.  So I will prevail.

2.  Next on my list of good news is that my youngest niece is graduating from High School next week.  She is a beauty that is for sure.  I have created a great boxed mini album for her as well.  Actually it is a not so mini - mini album.  I designed the box myself.  The paper is the "HIT THE BOOKS" by DCWV. 

I designed and created the Schoolhouse box from Graffix medium weight Chipboard.   Her school colours are orange and black. 

 Front of the Box.

 Back of the box.

Front view with album visible coming out the left side of box. 

Front of the "not so mini- mini album".  See isn't she a beauty!  You can see I used some canvas tape on the folds of the binding because the DCWV paper tore, as it sometimes can when used on a binding edge.  Luckily I had some 7 gypsies canvas tape that matched perfectly.  The frame and Title were cut using my Cricut with SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot) software.  I also put acetate on top of the photo so it is protected.

Back of the album -  It started out the same paper as front, however, I goofed putting on title and photo first time  AND accidentally put it on the back - upside down of course!  I had to re-cover when I tore the photo off.  This was the last piece of paper large enough left from 2 (yes TWO) stacks that it took to create this album!

 The binding method?  Of course, once again, the hidden hinge by Kathy Orta.  

There are 2 page styles...
 This is the first style with a side flap and then two smaller pockets with small(ish) tags.  There is also an 8x8 bi-fold tag in top pocket of this page. 

 The second page style has flaps that open up with the same bi-fold tag in each pocket.  Lots of room for 4x6 photos - or even 5x7 photos.  There are 7 pages.

3. Also very exciting news is that my middle niece (the older sister of the niece above) has been accepted to RMC.  This is the Royal Military College.  This is the Canadian Military's University.  She will have all 4 years paid for and will be paid as she attends.  She will graduate as an officer in the Canadian Navy.  She hopes to be in Naval Communications. 

4.  And, not to be left out, my oldest niece has exciting news as well.  The story begins 3 years ago. While singing in the Choir at the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo, she met a member of the German Army Band that was also performing.  And the rest, as they say, is history.  Stacia and Carsten fell in love and currently live in Germany with their 14 month old Tillman (Till).  AND they are getting married on JULY 7th as part of this year's tattoo Matinee.  Yes just before the performance begins, 6000 people will witness their wedding ceremony.  Isn't that just the most amazing story.  Here is the SAVE THIS DATE Announcement they sent out...

SO... of course, as a scrapbooker and lover of building boxes and mini albums, I had to create a special album for their photos.  It is not yet complete but thought i should share the photos so far.  I need to add the Royal Blue touches and Titles and photo frames. 

I was inspired by Kathy Orta's Wedding album.  I created 2 boxes that are hinged together.  Mine is substantially smaller than Kathy's because it has to travel back to Germany and I want it to have a place in their apartment.  I used the DCWV stack called "THE BELLA ARMOIRE STACK "

There are 2 albums, one in each box.

I made sure the design allowed for use of 5 x7 photos or smaller on each page.  there are 2 page designs one with a hinged flap that lifts up from the top. 

The other pages are simple side by side pages.

I will update with new photos once I have finished embellishing.  

SO as you can see, although I have been absent from my blog I have been busy creating and building.  Thanks so much for your time.